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Last updated: 18 May 2016


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NXT C programming
with John Hansen's
NXT Power Programming







Welcome to
Philo's Home Page

 Latest updates:


New parts for SnapCAD/LDCad for VEX IQ



New SnapCAD models

VEX IQ Challenge Crossover field model is available. Requires latest parts update!



LDCad for VEX IQ

LDCad for VEX IQ is an advanced 3D editor that uses SnapCAD parts library. Fully compatible with SnapCAD, its strong points are true parts snapping, superior image quality and a wonderful tool to generate flexible parts such as rubber bands or electric cables.



VEX Ball Contraption

VEX Ball Contraption is a collaborative project where people bring "moving ball" modules and chain them together to create a large loop. You will find here the specifications that your modules must follow if you want to join an event - or organize it!



VEX Ball Contraption models

You will find here many VBC models, with SnapCAD models allowing you to rebuild them... or find inspirations to build your own ones!

    This site has nothing to do with philosophy - Philo is my nickname, standing for Philippe -. You will find here tips and informations about my hobbies, mainly robotics with LEGO® MINDSTORMS® and VEX robotics®, LDraw CAD system and panoramic photography.


All material included in this web site is © 2000-2016 Philippe "Philo"Hurbain
You are free to use it for any purpose, just give me credit... and drop me a mail to keep me motivated !


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